RallyTracks is a simplified version of the traditional trip computers as used in Rally cars all over the world. It is a smartphone for iPhone and Android.

The application is a useful addition when driving a classic or modern vehicle during a rally with a roadbook based on symbols. What can you do with it?

  • keep track of the current part of your roadbook.
  • display totals of the current track.
  • monitor average speed during a certain period or distance of the track.
  • switch between kilometers and miles.
  • view a completed track on a map
  • send a completed track through e-mail in gpx format

In this application you will not be able to import gpx-files or other types of tracklogs created by others. The application is mainly build to make life easier during an amateur rally with a roadbook and of great value for use in cars which lack a speedometer with 100 meter (day)counter.

This application has been extensively tested to ensure it meets the regulations for trip computers. Be aware that gps-devices are not allowed in official rally-events.